Concrete Plinth Strengthening at UK Refinery with RenewWrap®


RenewWrap installation to strengthen plinth at UK refinery

  • Concrete plinth at UK refinery, which supports a larger tank, was showing signed of deterioration
  • Structural Analysis was carried out and GeoTree’s RenewWrap CFRP structural strengthening system was recommended
  • A team of three operators took four days to complete the install
  • No system shut down required, Installation took place around usual
    day-to-day work
  • RenewWrap restores infrastructure to better-than-new condition

At a UK refinery, a large liquid-holding tank with a potential weight of 61,371
kg sits atop two concrete plinths.

The plinths, which were constructed in a ‘T’ shape are approximately three
meters high, 2.3 meters wide at the top and have a depth of 38cm.

One of the plinths was showing signs of severe deterioration, including 2mm
wide cracking and spalling, due to weathering, aging, and load fluctuations. If
left to continue deteriorating, there was a real danger that the plinth would
eventually fail.

Engineers at the refinery turned to CSNRI for assistance.


Application: Concrete plinth Strengthening

Location: UK Refinery

Installation:  September 2021

Installer: CSNRI

Before RenewWrap repair

CSNRI engineers carried out a full structural analysis of the plinth to ensure any provided solution would deliver the required result of repairing and bolstering the existing structure.

They decided that GeoTree Solutions’ RenewWrap CFRP structural strengthening system would be the ideal solution. RenewWrap is engineered to strengthen ceilings, columns, walls, piers, and most other structural members of bridges, buildings, parking decks, and other facilities and structures to extend their useful life. It is designed to restore strength to deteriorated and compromised structures, as well as improve overall structural performance.

After delivering a full analysis and recommendations to the refinery a decision was made to install the RenewWrap system.

Completed RenewWrap CFRP Installation

RenewWrap Structural Strengthening

GeoTree Solutions - RenewWrap installation Process