Allstate Tower Wrap Repairing Old Foundations


As part of a rehabilitation of a series of utility towers, the structural engineer recommended repairs to the foundations. The concrete footing needed to be excavated, repaired and backfilled. Morris and Ritchie Engineers called for a Tyfo® fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) system to wrap the concrete after it was repaired. The glass FRP system was designed to protect and confine the concrete from the elements and deterioration underground. This was a cost-effective and simple solution to prevent the need for further repairs in the future to this foundation. Allstate Tower coordinated with the engineer and OTB Contracting to install the Tyfo® SEH-51 system.

Concrete foundation with FRP applied
General view of foundation


Project: Allstate Tower Wrap Repairing Old Foundations

Concrete cleaned and prepped.

“Thanks for your help! The installation looks really good. OTB is on the list whenever we do this work”.
Mark Peters, Project Manager
Allstate Tower Inc.

“The Tyfo® system was easy to install on a concrete foundation. After excavation and concrete cleaning/ repair, the wrapping was installed very efficiently.”
Baruch Gedalia, Owner
OTB Contracting