BYU Hawaii Student Housing Phase 1B


Brigham Young University’s Hawaii campus began construction in 2012 for its major expansion of the North Shore campus as it prepares to double its enrollment to about 5,000 students. The new renovation included modifications to 11 buildings, including two existing dormitories. The two dormitories required the addition of a third story as well as shear and hold-down strengthening. Fyfe engineers were contacted by the Engineer of Record (EOR) to provide a solution to the structural deficient walls of the buildings.

The Tyfo® SCH-41 system (unidirectional carbon fibers) was selected to provide the additional shear strengthening required for the existing walls. The design determined the capacity needed of the Tyfo® SCH-41 system in order to meet the shear loads required by the EOR. The existing walls also required hold-down strengthening at the foundation, which was achieved by using the Tyfo® SCH-41 system and half-inch diameter Tyfo® SCH composite anchors.

All walls were strengthened to the demands specified in a timely manner and with minimal increase in thickness. Ultimately, the Tyfo® systems were able to provide a cost-efficient and alternate solution to conventional construction methods.


Project: BYU Hawaii Student Housing Phase 1B
Location: North Shore Campus, Hawaii

Additional strengthening to existing walls
Tyfo® SCH-41 system
Tyfo® SCH-41 system