Grove Isle Bridge Rehabiliation


The approximately 800 foot long, privately owned concrete bridge connecting Miami and Grove Isle required extensive repair involving piles, caps and slab units as well as items above the bridge deck. The bulk of the repairs involved reinforcement treatment and concrete patching to the underside of the bridge deck slab units. In lieu of conventional hand-patching techniques at the underside of the concrete deck, a “form and pump” method was utilized. Additionally, due to the condition of the existing reinforcement, numerous deck spans required strengthening utilizing the Tyfo® SCH-41-2X System.

Many of the square concrete piles were repaired and wrapped with the Tyfo® SEH-51A System incorporating the underwater-curing Tyfo® SW-1 Epoxy. The piles were wrapped from the mud line to the deck and divers were required to install the system on 18 piles.

The project also involved crack injection, deck sealing, a new pavement approach, new lighting and barrier repair. The Grove Isle Bridge was repaired for approximately $2.3 million within a project timeline of six months. 


Project: Grove Isle Bridge Rehabiliation
Location: Miami, FL