66-Inch I-25 Steel Pipeline Rehabilitation


Denver Water experienced a catastrophic failure in February 2008 when a section of a 66-inch steel pipeline that conveys water to the northern part of the City failed under I-25 due to a sudden surge from a pump failure. To put the line quickly back into service and rebuild the roadway, Denver Water had to utilize the only 66-inch pipe available from a local manufacturer. However, this pipe was pressure rated at approximately 200 psi and the line needed a pipe pressure rating of 315 psi (225 psi working pressure and 90 psi surge). Denver Water decided to utilize the patented Tyfo® pipe rehabilitation system to structurally retrofit the line for 315 psi, using carbon reinforced polymer (CFRP).

This method of structural retrofit was selected because no other options were available that would enable a completely trenchless renewal of this magnitude.

The project was completed on schedule and within budget and enabled Denver Water to place the line immediately back into service.


Project: 66-Inch I-25 Steel Pipeline Rehabilitation
Location: Denver, Colorado

CFRP Retrofit
CFRP Installation
CFRP Installation