5959 Century Blvd Repairing Old Foundations


5959 W. Century Blvd, a 13-story non-ductile concrete building originally built in 1966, underwent conversion into a dual-branded select service hotel with rooftop amenities including a swimming pool. As part of the conversion, a full seismic retrofit is performed that includes adding new concrete shear walls and foundations and wrapping the interior columns with fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP). FRP was used on this project in order increase the displacement capacity of the non-ductile columns, ensuring that gravity load carrying capacity at the expected seismic drift was maintained.

Column wrap with connection close
Column wrap with steel connection beam


Project: 5959 Century Blvd Repairing Old Foundations

Applicators working on retrofit

“One of the main technical challenges of this project was to ensure deformation compatibility between new and existing non-ductile concrete elements, which was made economical through the efficient use of FRP”.
Engineer of Record