Laguardia Delta Terminal


The redesign of the arrivals deck at Delta Airlines Terminal C required an upgrade to the loading of the beams and girders. The increased capacity requirements were developed by the engineer of record, SGH. The Fyfe engineering team was contacted by Ferreira Construction, the General Contractor on the project, to develop an FRP design for the application. The design parameters require both shear and flexural reinforcement on the beams and girders. Fyfe was able to develop a solution using our Tyfo® SCH-41-2X uni-directional carbon fiber system.

Our certified applicator, Coordinated Systems Consulting, provided the installation and onsite QAQC requirements for the project. The terminal needed to remain open for all airline passengers which forced short working windows during third shift for all installation activities. Coordinated Systems Consulting was able to work within the time constraints of the project and finished the areas on schedule.

Shear reinforcement on the beam and girders
Shear reinforcement on the beam and girders


Project: LaGuardia Delta Terminal, FRP beam and girder strengthening
Location: Queens, New York
Installation: Wet lay-up
Owner: Delta Airlines
Contractor: Coordinated Systems Consulting

Beam shear reinforcement