Brishan Inc. is a Woman Owned, Certified Small Business and centrally located in the State of California. Established in 2009, we have worked very hard over the last 12 years to diversify our product line in order to meet our customers' needs. We serve the entire State of California and attribute this to our large, loyal customer and referral base.

We sell to contractors, The Department of Transportation, municipalities and even some school districts and hospitals. We are a stocking distributor of many unique and revolutionary road and bridge maintenance products, such as; rolled asphalt patch, permanent asphalt patch, rapid set concrete, stormwater supplies, erosion control, road marker adhesive and more. We meet with our customers face to face and assess their industrial problems. From there, we almost always have a solution and if we don’t, we find one. We start with a demonstration and many times, we provide project support. We follow our customers from the beginning of the sales cycle, all the way to the end of the project and often times, visit years later to find our products doing well, exactly like we expected. 

We like to say, “Small is the new Big.” We believe in door to door sales instead of waiting for customers to come to us. Our sales are based on relationships and trust. Once the relationship is established, our customers come to us for every solution because they trust us. Our Customers are only a number to us, #1.

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