About De Jonge Excavating Contractors Inc

DeJonge Excavating Contractors has been doing business in southwest Florida for over 30 years. The company began as an excavating and grading business and has progressed into a reputable underground utility contracting firm.

DeJonge Excavating Contractors has become a well-known name for its professionalism and for performing quality work. The company is known for taking on formidable projects and bringing them to their end function with success and quality workmanship.  DeJonge Excavating Contractors Inc’s quality of work, honesty, and forthright business ethics have helped them build a solid reputation in the contracting community. 

Company history

DeJonge Excavating Contractors Inc. has been in business since 1980. The company was originally established in West Michigan and moved to Florida in 1984. The business is located in the Venice area, and conducts business in most of southwest Florida.

The company's clientele includes more than a dozen municipalities and several building contractors. It has many experienced employees with very diversified fields of experience.

DeJonge Excavating Contractors is a State Certified General and Underground Utility Contractor, FDOT Prequalified, and FDOT Certified Minority Contractor.

Company personnel

President – Eileen DeJonge

Licensed for the following: Underground Utility since 1991 | General Contractor A since 2001 | Fire License Contractor V since 1996

Vice President – Henry DeJonge

Forty+ years of experience in all areas of underground utilities and excavation practices. Specializing in problem-solving and emergency repair work.

Chief Estimator – Steve Hanchey

Forty+ years of experience in all types of underground and restoration estimating. Honest, forthright, and nothing hidden cost estimation.

Field Operations – Leigh DeJonge

Over fifteen+ years in underground utilities – learning from the ground up.

Maintenance & Service Manager – Andrew DeJonge

Responsible for purchasing and oversight of all equipment.

Field Superintendent – H “Buzzy” Drymon

With over 35 years of field experience and in every type of Florida soil condition, Buzzy has tackled and completed very difficult job sites and work conditions. Executes a job from beginning to end in a timely and efficient manner.



DeJonge Excavating Contractors Inc.

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Tel: 941-485-7799

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