About IFI

Since 1981, Industrial Fabrics has proudly served many diverse clients in the construction, industrial and residential industries along the Gulf Coast and around the world.

Industrial Fabrics, Inc. is a primary manufacturer and distributor of geotechnical products, including geotextile fabrics, geogrids, liner material, silt fence, erosion control, pipeline protection and paving products for the construction industry.

As a full-service company, with a dedicated team of trained engineers and professionals across the South, Industrial Fabrics offers services including design assistance, fabrication, installation, training and technical support. We understand what it takes to provide superior service. No project is too big or small. We take care of everything.

Our mission

Our goal is to supply the best products and to preserve and sustain our environment. Our sales and engineering staff are fully equipped to support your project from engineering recommendations, to material logistics, to on-site technical assistance.


Industrial Fabrics, Inc

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Web: www.ind-fab.com

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