About Koppl Pipeline Services

Koppl Pipeline Services honors a legacy that has lasted for generations by bringing time-honored standards of quality and service to a modern age.

Whether it’s the latest tool or technique, or one that hasn’t changed in 50 years, Koppl Pipeline Services is committed to providing the best for its customers day in and day out.

Valve Inserting

When a need arises for a new valve on your pipeline, we can install a new valve under pressure with minimal intrusion on the pipe.

Hot Tapping

There’s no need to shut down a pipeline for maintenance. Hot tapping allows you to safely tie in to a pressurized system while under full operating conditions.

Line Stopping

The best way to extend and modify your existing pressurized system while it’s under full operating conditions is by performing a line stop.

Pipe Freezing

Isolate a section of pipe by freezing the contents to form an ice plug. This process allows for repairs without damaging the pipeline.


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