Around the world there are nearly 6,000* Energy terminals and tank farms and in the US alone there are more than 190,000** miles of liquid petroleum pipelines. The industry is complex, vital, and highly regulated such that owners and operators have a mammoth task to ensure their assets are fully maintained.

GeoTree’s range of solutions are designed to assist in the reduction of long-term maintenance and repair costs by tackling a range of issues such as managing stormwater and water runoff, solving erosion control and soil stabilization, and ensuring tank and structural strengthening.

*   Tank Terminals

** API

Oil and gas refinery

RenewWrap applications

  • Tank Strengthening
  • Building/structure/parking deck strengthening
  • Jetties/Piers
    • Column strengthening
    • Decking/slab reinforcement
    • Footing
    • Girders
    • Pier caps
    • Piles