New valve technologies add advanced products for critical infrastructure

HOUSTON, July 10, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Clock Spring Company, Inc. (ClockSpring|NRI), the world's leading manufacturer of products for pipeline and pipe work repair and overhaul solutions, today announced the acquisition of Advanced Valve Technologies, Inc. (AVT), a manufacturer of advanced industrial valve products with minimally invasive compact fittings.

"ClockSpring|NRI's vision is to repair and rebuild critical infrastructure with innovative and safe solutions that are easy to install and cost-effective to deploy," says ClockSpring|NRI CEO and President Matthew Boucher. "Acquiring a company like AVT that aligns with our safety values and high standards for product innovation and quality will allow ClockSpring|NRI to provide superior products to address flow issues in markets including water and gas."

Ranked among the industry's most innovative solutions, AVT's award-winning EZ™ Valve is designed with a built-in isolation gate that allows the valve to be installed under pressure in challenging conditions. AVT products are safe and easy to install for emergency line repair and maintain pipeline integrity throughout the installation. The company's in-house engineering team has developed pioneering equipment that includes valve insertion tools, tapping machines, and a mechanical in-line stopper system for repairing and reinforcing vital pipelines.

"Innovation is an AVT cornerstone, and the reception for our products has been exceptional," says AVT President Kevin Murphy. "Our combination with ClockSpring|NRI broadens our global reach and ensures that AVT will have a more profound impact on ensuring critical infrastructure is managed and maintained safely and sustainability."

"AVT shares ClockSpring|NRI core values in developing engineered solutions for complex integrity issues. With the AVT acquisition, ClockSpring|NRI is adding essential technology for improving safety and ensuring service for critical infrastructure," Boucher says.

About ClockSpring|NRI

ClockSpring|NRI helps drive global economies by ensuring critical infrastructure is managed safely and sustainably. The company's composite pipeline repair products have been deployed in 75 countries. All our products are easy to install, cost effective to deploy, and durable for decades. ClockSpring|NRI solutions also include Snap Wrap, Pipe Support, Contour, Contour WA, Crack Arrestor, Casing Spacer, Black Diamond, and DiamondWrap as well as training services.