IBECO, founded in 1968, is an independent agency company in the water and plumbing industry. The business is concentrated on the sale of special products in the area. In order to meet the market, some of our own production of special products is also done. Our product range consists of, inter alia, couplings for self-wiring, fittings for water pipes, crockery & lock valves, pipe plugs for shut-off / tightness testing, drilling equipment and repair sleeves. Ibeco also has a rental department that rents out pipe plugs and a special type of sewage pumps.

Our products include flexible transition joints, pipe plugs, repair sleeves, pipe supports, drilling cuffs, saddle manifolds, tailor-made solutions in stainless steel for the Swedish water and plumbing market etc.


Godsvägen 23.
784 72 Borlänge

Contact Information
Phone: +46 70-295 69 09
FAX: +46 243 681 10
Email: info@ibeco.se