WaterWorld Spotlights Sale of First AVT EZ Valve™ Kits to UK Water Company

August 14th, 2019



Advanced Valve Technologies (AVT), and its UK distributor R2M Ltd. have provided AVT EZ Valve™ Kits to South West Water allowing the company to take a major step forward in controlling burst situations and reducing service interruptions to customers. With the strategic decision to acquire these kits from R2M Ltd, South West Water operatives now have the ability to quickly install valves using their own resources.

The award-winning AVT EZ Valve is a unique, patented inline valve that allows installation under pressure, enabling faster restoration than alternative solutions, preserving pipe integrity, and permitting installation to be carried out under full pressure with no need to shut off the water supply. The kits purchased by SWS include an innovative machine that mills a small 120° slot in the top of the pipe, eliminating the need to cut a coupon or remove a section of the pipeline.

“We are pleased to help South West Water improve its internal capabilities for managing potential interruptions to supply using our award-winning inline valve,” says AVT President Harry Gray. “We designed the AVT EZ Valve Kits to put our technology in the hands of companies that need it. As the first water company in the UK to take advantage of this innovation, South West Water is in a position to respond swiftly to emergency situations and better manage its supply interruption outcomes.”


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