Each state in the US has its own Ministry or Department of Transportation which together look after a combined network of more than four million miles of roads*. Many of these roads are crossed by, and cross over others by means of thousands of bridges. These all require regular repair and maintenance to ensure they are always in peak working condition.

This requirement is also vital for the slopes that flank these roads and highways, all of which must remain in good working order to ensure water flow is controlled and eroded materials do not cause obstructions.  

* https://www.artba.org/about/faq/#:~:text=In%202017%2C%20there%20were%204.18,to%20the%20Federal%20Highway%20Administration.

GeoTree Industries and Markets Separtment of Transportation

GeoTree delivers a range of solutions to the issues faced by the country's  the Department of Transportation maintenance teams:



  •  Column strengthening
  • Decking/slab reinforcement
  • Footing
  • Girders
  • Pier caps
  • Piles


  • Culverts
  • Storm Water Collections
  • Larger structures under bridges which might be classified as culverts or as bridges

RenewWrap® bridge strengthening in St Barnard Parish, LA

STRUCTURAL STRENGTHENINGPROJECT OVERVIEW Engineers from the Louisiana Department of Transportation (LADOT) identified a bridge that required flexural strengthening and repair of spalling concrete on the underside. The busy bridge is raised and lowered around 800 times a month so they needed to find a repair solution which would cause the least disruption to the bridge’s…

Steel Bridge Piling Repairs

STRUCTURAL STRENGTHENINGBackgroundOpened in 1985, the Carajás Railroad ranks as Brazil’s most efficient railway thanks to constant technology investments made by railway management. This 892-kilometer railway links the world’s largest open-air iron ore mine in Carajás to the Port of Ponta da Madeira, in São Luís (MA), Brazil transports 120 million tons of cargo and 350…

RenewWrap® Carbon Fiber Strengthening System - Greenville SC

STRUCTURAL STRENGTHENINGPROJECT OVERVIEW In June of 2016, the South Carolina DOT (SCDOT) was in the midst of building a new interchange at the intersection of I-85/I-385 in Greenville, South Carolina. During construction, severe localized spalling was found on the cover concrete of one column of a two-column pier supporting the I-385 northbound ramp. Upon discovery, the DOT and their…

Geospray® Highway Culverts and Box Culvert - Aurora, CO

WATER/WASTEWATERPROJECT OVERVIEWIn January of 2016, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT placed a project for public bid, which included the repair of several large diameter highway culverts and a single box culvert. CDOT had  specified a sprayapplied culvert lining under a special revision to Section 603 of its standard specifications. To bid, contractors were required…

Geospray® Twin Arched CMP Culverts - City of Troy, MI

WATER/WASTEWATERPROJECT OVERVIEWThe city of Troy, MI, is located among Metropolitan Detroit’s northern suburbs in Oakland County. It currently maintains a network of over 350 miles of local, major and county roads under the jurisdiction of its Public Works department. The city has a regular inspection program for its storm culverts and bridges. During recent inspections…

GeoSpray® Culvert Invert Protection - Butler County, OH

WATER/WASTEWATER   STRUCTURAL STRENGTHENINGPROJECT OVERVIEW The Ohio Department of Transportation’s (ODOT) Office of Hydraulic Engineering had interest in utilizing Concrete Cloth GCCM in a culvert lining/protection demonstration project. Concrete Cloth material would be used as a substitute to the ODOT standard practice of field paving an invert with 3-inchthick reinforced concrete. The Administrator for the Office…

GeoSpray® Highway Culvert Rehab - Peru, IN

WATER/WASTEWATERPROJECT OVERVIEWThe Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) had a series of culverts along US Highway 31 in northwestern Indiana in need of rehabilitation. It specified various pre-approved options based on the physical state of the culverts, the access to the inlet and outlet and hydraulic concerns. One of these culverts was a 78-inch CMP segmented…