How to install GeoTree Solution' RenewWrap FRP


FRPs (Fiber Reinforced Polymers) are composite materials made of a polymer reinforced with fibers. The polymer is usually an epoxy, vinylester or polyester thermosetting plastic that is combined with a fiber, such as glass or carbon, in order to make the polymer strong and stiff.

Currently, these polymers are used in almost every kind of advanced engineering, from aircraft to bridges. 

GeoTree delivers a range of FRPs under its RenewWrap offering:

RenewWrap FRP

The RenewWrap FRP strengthening system comprises a wide range of carbon and glass FRP reinforcements and compatible saturating resins including our ICC-ES certified (ESR-3663) FRP strengthening system.

With hundreds of projects completed, RenewWrap FRP is a proven system in multiple applications including strengthening and seismic upgrade of buildings and structures, bridges, columns, caps, piers, and many other areas of need.

RenewWrap® CFRP
RenewWrap® CFRP Strengthening a bridge pillar
RenewWrap NSM CFRP Bars

RenewWrap pre-cured carbon fiber bars are designed to be used in near surface mounted (NSM) strengthening applications. RenewWrap carbon fiber bars are manufactured with a grit surface to promote adhesion with the bonding resin.

RenewWrap NSM CFRP Bars may be used to strengthen or retrofit a wide range of concrete and masonry structures. They are most commonly used where traditional wet lay-up FRP systems are not suitable or where the FRP reinforcement requires additional protection from abrasion or vehicular traffic.

NSM bars are used for strengthening existing structural members (concrete, wood, stone, or masonry) in flexure and shear. Structures that are deficient due to either a structural flaw, deterioration or a change in use, can often be brought to useful capacity using NSM bars.

RenewWrap® Aslan® NSM CFRP Bars
RenewWrap NSM CFRP Bar enbedded into a bridge to provide additional support
RenewWrap Strand Sheet

RenewWrap Strand Sheets are unidirectional reinforcement sheets consisting of an assembly of pre-cured carbon fiber micro bars. Sheets are externally bonded to existing steel, concrete, and masonry structures to enhance their strength and stiffness. Strand Sheets combine the best features of traditional wet lay-up fabric and pre-cured plate FRP system creating a cost effective method for strengthening steel structures.

RenewWrap Strand Sheet
RenewWrap Strand Sheet

RenewWrap CFRP

  • Bridges
  • Column 
  • Slabs
  • Beans and joists
  • Walls
  • Piles and pier caps
  • Connections

RenewWrap NSM CFRP Bars

  • Slabs and bridge decks
  • Cantilevered bridge decks 
  • Double tee parking decks
  • Shear and flexural upgrades of walls
  • Crack stitching 
  • Precast Bridge Deck Panels
  • Concrete Poles & Marine Pilings
  • Stay-in-Place Formwork
  • Un-bonded Post Tensioning
  • Post Tensioning of Precast Members
  • King Post Arrangement for Floor Slabs
  • Replacement of Corroded Steel Tendons 

RenewWrap Strand Sheet

  • Concrete, steel, and masonry structures
  • Steel structures caused by corrosion-related deterioration or increased loads
  • Loss of tension and compression
  • Flanges, bracing, webbing, truss chords, and girder ends
  • Repairs stresses in existing steel members
  • Steel bridge girders, beams, column repairs
  • Precast bridge deck panel repairs
  • Concrete poles and marine pilings
  • Replacement of corroded steel tendons

Busy Bridge Structurally Strengthened with RenewWrap FRP

In 2018, an inspection of a Broward County-owned bridge on Flamingo Rd. in Miramar identified structural issues. The Florida Department of Transportation bridge inspection report identified issues including concrete spalling and cracks.

Concrete columns strengthened at gas plant

During the construction of a natural gas plant in Colorado, builders faced an unexpected challenge that threatened to derail their construction schedule and the plant opening.

Slab and Beam Reinforced with RenewWrap FRP

More than 100 years after initial construction, a textile plant in the Southeast serving the booming automotive industry discovered it needed to rehabilitate portions of the structure supporting the main manufacturing floor.

Bridge Column and Cap Repair with RenewWrap

The SCDOT found corrosion-related deterioration of the pier caps and columns supporting the Butler Road bridge over I-385 in Greenville, SC, during a routine inspection.