AVT and R2M Deliver AVT EZ Valve™ Kits to First UK Water Company Customer

Newly acquired equipment and expertise make South West Water the first water company in the country to become self-sufficient in installing AVT’s unique inline valves

September 9, 2019

(Houston, US /Accrington, UK July 31, 2019) – Advanced Valve Technologies (AVT), and its UK distributor R2M Ltd. have provided AVT EZ Valve™ Kits to South West Water, allowing the company to take a major step forward in controlling burst situations and reducing service interruptions to customers. With the strategic decision to acquire these kits from R2M Ltd, South West Water operatives now have the ability to quickly install valves using their own resources.

The AVT EZ Valve is a unique, patented inline valve designed by AVT, a manufacturer of advanced industrial valve products and minimally invasive compact fittings. The valve is just one of a number of innovations South West Water is using from R2M Ltd. The kits include an innovative machine that mills a small 120° slot in the top of the pipe, eliminating the need to cut a coupon or remove a section of the pipeline. This design allows the valve to be installed under pressure, enabling faster restoration than alternative solutions, preserving pipe integrity, and allowing installation under full pressure with no need to shut off the water supply.

The system is the lightest and most compact on the market and the fastest and simplest to install. As water flow does not have to be interrupted when placing the valve, South West Water can make repairs without interrupting service to its customers.

AVT President Harry Gray says, “We are pleased to help South West Water improve its internal capabilities for managing potential interruptions to supply using our award-winning inline valve. We designed the AVT EZ Valve Kits to put our technology in the hands of companies that need it. As the first water company in the UK to take advantage of this innovation, South West Water is in a position to respond swiftly to emergency situations and better manage its supply interruption outcomes.”

“We have a long history of close collaboration with South West Water,” says R2M Ltd. Valve Division Director Matt Harris. “They were looking for more ways to provide a better level of customer service as they work towards their AMP7 commitments. They like the EZ Valve as it is compact and fast to install on live networks. Importantly, they wanted an asset that not only looks like a valve but also operates the same as a standard valve.”

South West Water has purchased three 100mm to 300mm (4-inch to 12-inch) AVT EZ Valve Kits along with a range of valves, spares and accessories and put 30 of their installers,  a mix of internal resource and operatives who are contracted to the company from the Kier Group, through intensive training at their Exewater Depot in Exeter, Devon.

The purchase of the installation kits from R2M Ltd. frees South West Water from reliance on a third party and enables the company to quickly and effectively carry out live valve installations while maintaining supplies to customers.

As part of the partnership agreement, AVT UK Sales Manager Jason Taylor, Installer Ewen Patrick and Sales Director Shawn Petty worked with R2M Valve Division Director Matt Harris to train the SWW and Kier Group employees to install the inline valve. Trainees received classroom instruction followed by hands-on training, during which they familiarised themselves with the installation process. SWW and Kier Group staff have 24/7 access to AVT and R2M Ltd. support and will carry out their first live installation with AVT or R2M expert oversight.

According to South West Water Mark Hillson, Director of Networks, additional employees will receive training to install AVT EZ Valves using the three installation kits, which will be located at our regional hubs and will serve customers across the South West and Bournemouth operating areas.

“We were eager to have access to the specialised kits so we could begin installing the valves ourselves,” he said. “With the exceptional training our field teams have received, we now are in a position to act much more quickly to emergency situations and will be better able to manage burst situations to offer even more reliable service and keep customers in supply”

Ranked among the industry’s most innovative solutions, the AVT EZ Valve is designed with a built-in isolation gate that allows the valve to be installed under pressure in challenging conditions. Using this valve allows customers to improve uptime and achieve greater environmental stewardship because it enables faster restoration than alternative solutions, has no negative effect on pipe integrity, and can be installed at full pressure with no need to shut off the water supply.

About AVT

Advanced Valve Technologies, a Clock Spring|NRI Company (AVT), manufactures comprehensive solutions for the safe and sustainable repair and rehabilitation of critical water and gas infrastructure.

The company is best known for the AVT EZ Valve™, an award-winning inline insertion valve designed for quick and easy installation for emergency water and gas line repair and pipeline maintenance, requiring no disruption in service.

ClockSpring|NRI is a Houston-based manufacturer and provider of high-performance critical infrastructure construction and repair products and associated engineering support and training services. ClockSpring|NRI products are used to construct, maintain, and rehabilitate pipelines, natural gas distribution lines, high-consequence industrial pipework, and civil structures. ClockSpring|NRI composite pipe repair systems and inline insertion valves are used in more than 75 countries and include industry-leading products such as Clock Spring™, AtlasTM, Syntho-Glass® XT, Scar-Guard®, Contour, and DiamondWrap® composite products, as well as the award-winning AVT EZ Valve™ for water and gas lines. All ClockSpring|NRI products are easy to install, cost-effective to deploy, and durable for decades. www.AVTFittings.com,  www.cs-nri.com


About R2M

R2M is one of the UK’s largest pipeline, valves and fittings suppliers, providing ingenious, innovative products to redefine service and supply in the water, gas, oil and petrochemical industries.

Used by national and international organisations, the company stocks one of the broadest ranges of pressure pipes, valves & fittings in the UK, making its customers’ jobs easier whether they are a buyer, engineer or contractor.