WRAP Resources Asia Pacific Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based “cold works” goods and services specialist, with expertise throughout repairs and upkeep, including pipeline rehabilitation, pipe support implementation and wider plant maintenance.

At WRAP, we realise that unscheduled plant shutdowns are enforced for safety concerns when traditional metallic repairs require hot welding for expended gas and oil pipelines. However, our non-metallic repair is provided as a full turnkey cold work solution, thus guaranteeing that strengthening pipelines and pipe support involves no heat-reliant procedures. WRAP’s world-class services significantly eradicate external corrosion and structurally rehabilitates the asset, whilst also totally erasing the need for costly plant shutdowns.

Our plant maintenance services an extensive array of common problems such as corrosion, HDD field joint protection, splash zone protection, tank rehabilitation, structural rehabilitation, etc.

Our mission is to ensure the safety and integrity of piping systems has always been a top priority and it is indeed a demanding job for pipeline operators. WRAP utilizes the latest in cold work technology, to be the leader in promoting safer and more productive work practices through effective propagation of Holistic Cold Works.

WRAP Resources

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