Available in two options: 4” to 12” (100mm to 300mm) and 14” to 24” (350mm to 600mm), the AVT RentEZ program opens the door to easy access to our unique technology through a rent-free or low-cost lease of the AVT EZ Valve® Toolkit.

The kit includes an innovative end milling (EM) machine that mills a 120° slot across the pipe, which eliminates the need to cut a coupon or remove a section of the pipeline. This design allows the AVT EZ Valve, an inline insertion valve, to be installed under pressure, enabling faster restoration than alternative solutions, preserving pipe integrity, and allowing installation with no need to shut off the water supply.


 4 to 12-inch

With a modest commitment to purchase six 4-inch to 12-inch standard AVT EZ Valve products up front, followed by an additional six valves every six weeks, this option provides access to the AVT EZ Valve Kit free of charge.

The option to purchase the kit can be exercised any time during the lease term, eliminating the obligation to purchase additional valves. Add-ons for specialized valves and consumables used for installation are also available through this program.

14 to 24-inch

This option does not require a minimum valve purchase of the 14 to 24-inch EZ Valve. Instead, renters pay a one-time fee and transportation costs to ship the AVT EZ Valve™ Kit from our Elk Grove Village, IL, location and to return it at the end of the lease.

Obligatory professional training is included in the RentEZ commitment to ensure only certified installers who understand the products and processes for executing safe and sustainable repairs are on staff to carry out installations.

For more information on this program, get in touch with our experts. We are always happy to help.


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