DiamondWrap® – 24″ Flare Line Repair in Saudi Arabia


Pipe Details

  • National Oil Company
  • Abu Ali Island, Saudi Arabia
  • 24” pipe
  • Design Pressure: 45 psi
  • Pipe Contents: Flare Gas
  • General internal corrosion, 195 linear meters total repair length


This flare line was suffering from ongoing internal corrosion. CSNRI was approached to design a repair to extend the service life of this line by 2 years.

CSNRI team of engineers designed a repair according to ASME PCC-2 Article 4.1, and recommended a DiamondWrap® HP™ repair solution to the national oil company. Only 2 layers of DiamondWrap® HP™ were required to repair the defect area.

A team of trained and certified installers installed 2 layers of carbon fiber over the specified repair area, according to the calculations prepared by the CSNRI engineer. Some CMF putty was applied over the leak sealing clamps to smooth the rough geometries. The DiamondWrap® repair was then applied over the top. Below are photos of the completed repair. 

DiamondWrap® saved the customer time, money, and prevented a shutdown in the face of a highly corrosive environment.