DiamondWrap® HTA™ 1″ – 16″ Odd Geometry Piping Repair in USA


Pipe Details

  • Large Refinery
  • Pipe Diameter: 1”-16”
  • Design Pressure: 700 psi
  • Sour water pipeline
  • Internal corrosion at all welds in this section of piping.


Poor heat-treating practice led to failing welds in the Heat-Affected Zone (HAZ). These failing welds were then wrapped with a competitor’s discount fiberglass repair product. This repair proved to be inadequate, and also started leaking. CSNRI was called in by a distributor to engineer a safe and effective design that would keep the customer on-line until their next turnaround.

CSNRI team of engineers designed repairs for each defect according to ASME PCC-2 Article 4.1, and recommended a DiamondWrap® HTA™ repair solution to the refinery. Only 4 layers of DiamondWrap® were required to repair the defect at the given pressures. Repairs were designed for tees, straight runs, elbows, reducers, and even flanges. Many of these geometries would be prohibitive of using clamps. 

A team of trained and certified installers installed 4 layers of carbon fiber over the specified repair area, according to the calculations prepared by the CSNRI engineer. 

This refinery was able to stay in full operation throughout the repair with no need to shut down or reduce capacity. CSNRI successfully designed and implemented these repairs to get the customer through to their turnaround to prevent an unscheduled outage due to the imminent leaks from the failed welds and repairs.