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August 15, 2023

Water municipalities don’t have time to wait when they need to create a new control point. They also need to trust that the technology they use has proven its worth in the field for decades.

With more than 25 years in operation, AVT has earned the trust and respect of the water industry by ensuring our quality of products, robust installation training, speed of installation and speed of delivery are second to none.

With years of experience working in the water industry, the team knows that the water industry is fragmented and archaic. Water utility engineers and project managers are often forced to compromise when choosing products and equipment to resolve the day-to-day issues they face with their networks. Many solutions on the market are too expensive, have long lead times, are not readily available, and do not cover the scope of the problems at hand.

AVT’s General Manager Amit Chaudhary and VP of Global Sales Shawn Petty lead the team in ensuring these four essential elements remain at the forefront of how the business is run.

Amit credits the operations team with driving the superior quality of the AVT EZ Valve and responsiveness which has seen lead times reduced to just a few days. “We have a world-leading team to go alongside our world-leading valves,” Amit said. “Everyone who’s part of AVT truly understands that what we do matters to our customers and water infrastructure end users. I believe it is that understanding which drives us to deliver the service that we do.”

Create a New Control Point

Shawn added: “Anyone that works in the water industry understands that speed is vital when it comes to creating a new control point with the delivery of product and installation time being vital. The faster a valve can be installed, the faster an operator can gain control of their system. Time and time again we receive positive feedback on the lead time availability and time to install.”

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If quality products, speed of installation, second-to-none training programs and quick delivery are important to you, AVT can help.

AVT EZ Valve, fast lead time

Learn how a valve is installed on a live line without shutting off the water