Clock Spring Repairs Mechanical Damage from Alkaline Soil Erosion

Pipe Details

  • 28-inch (711-mm) diameter
  • 2 bar (1,050 psi) operating pressure
  • 27° C (81° F) operating temperature.


  • 4 Clock Spring repair sleeves were installed on a section of 28-inch (711-mm) diameter pipeline damaged by alkaline soil
  • A team of CSNRI certified technicians effectively installed the repair in 1 day.
  • The installation allowed the pipeline to be put into service safely, without the use of heavy lifting equipment or hot work
  • The installation of the Clock Spring Spacers allowed the company to meet its safety objectives during the installation process and to achieve its operational objectives once the pipe was placed for service.

An inspection team in Indonesia discovered external pipe defects caused by alkaline soil on a section of buried 28-inch (711-mm) pipe.

The erosion had resulted in significant mechanical damage. The asset owners wanted an immediate repair that would allow them to restore the damaged line to a safe operating condition.

Following excavation, a CSNRI trained and certified team of installers manually prepared the pipe surface for a Clock Spring sleeve repair designed to reinforce the weakened section of pipe.

The installation team installed 4 Clock Spring repair sleeves under the supervision of a CSNRI Supervisor, restoring the line for safe operation within a single day.

alkaline soil erosion
alkaline soil erosion
alkaline soil erosion
alkaline soil erosion