Introduction to GeoTree Solutions' GeoSpray Geopolymer Mortar

Repairing infrastructure with geopolymers is what GeoTree Solutions' range of products was designed to do. Corroded, pitted, damaged and misaligned pipelines, carrying both potable and non-potable water, culverts, and sewers have all been rehabilitated using our range of geopolymer mortars.

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GeoSpray Geopolymer

Ideal for the rehabilitation of large diameter pipes and structures, the GeoSpray® geopolymer system is a fiber-reinforced geopolymer mortar for rehabilitating pipes, culverts, and containment areas.

GeoSpray Geopolymer
Starting of the GeoSpray Lining.

GeoSpray 61

The GeoSpray® 61 spray-applied liner system is a high-performance, fiber-reinforced mortar specifically designed for corrosion prevention and structural enhancement of pipes in drinking, or potable water applications.

GeoSpray 61
GeoSpray 61, appropriate for drinking water applications

GeoSpray HCE

GeoSpray HCE geopolymer system is the next generation of high-performance, fiber-reinforced geopolymer mortars, specifically formulated for use in highly corrosive environments (HCE) such as sewers.

GeoSpray HCE for Geo cam page
GeoSpray HCE for corrosive environments


GeoRoc® geopolymer spray-applied liner is designed for the surface reinforcement and weathering protection of soils, rock and coal strata. It can be applied by pouring, placing, troweling or spraying.

GeoRoc application
GeoRoc - designed for the surface reinforcement and weathering protection of soils, rock and coal strata


GeoStrong™ Repair Mortar is a one-component, non-shrink, fast-setting geopolymer mortar designed for repairing horizontal, vertical and overhead concrete surfaces where high strength is desired.

GeoStrong Bridge Repair
GeoStrong Bridge Repair

GeoPlug Water-Stop

The GeoPlug® Water-Stop is a rapidly setting water infiltration patch. It is uniquely designed to quickly fill, plug and restore blemishes in host pipes during or prior to rehabilitation using other GeoTree solutions.

GeoPlug for cam page
GeoPlug water-stop - water infiltration patch

Textbook Rehabilitation of a Culvert using GeoTree GeoSpray®

WATER/WASTEWATERGeoSpray geopolymer installation project overviewCharlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services perform regular inspections on their assets as part of a larger campaign to rehabilitate stormwater infrastructure across the county. When issues are identified the department works to resolve them by including relevant technical experts.GeoTree’s long-time partner IPR Southeast had previously worked with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg team, so when […]

GeoSpray® rehabilitates heavily damaged culvert - Ottawa, Canada

WATER/WASTEWATERGeoSpray geopolymer installation project overviewA culvert running under a busy road needed vital repairs after it was found to be in poor condition experiencing severe corrosion with pitting, and large perforations along the pipe invert. Pipe sections had also started to separate at joints, and the walls were deformed from the external pressure.The original scope […]

GeoSpray® Used to Line Corroded Culvert - Grayslake, IL

WATER/WASTEWATERPROJECT OVERVIEWCulverts carry out an essential job ensuring water and debris does not flow onto roads causing a danger to motorists. Keeping culverts in working condition is a priority to many counties and highway agencies around the U.S. so when the Lake County Division of Transportation in Illinois identified a metal structure plate arch culvert […]

GeoSpray® CMP Culvert lining - Centennial, CO

WATER/WASTEWATERPROJECT OVERVIEW In the fall of 2019 after removal of sediment, SEMSWA (Southeast Metro Stormwater Authority) engineers carried out an assessment and identified heavy wear and abrasion to the metal of a 108-inch culvert.SOLUTION Having used geopolymer material as a repair method previously, the engineers were familiar with the technology and believed it provided the best solution for this […]

GeoSpray® Culvert Invert Lining - Noble County, IN

WATER/WASTEWATER   STRUCTURAL STRENGTHENING PROJECT OVERVIEWThe invert of a 12’ diameter CMP culvert in Noble County, IN, was experiencing minor pitting and rusting. The Noble County Highway Department needed a preventative solution to protect the invert from further abrasion and deterioration. The Highway Department wanted to make minor repairs instead of waiting for the culvert to get […]

GeoSpray® Culvert Invert Lining - North of Yates City, IL

WATER/WASTEWATER   STRUCTURAL STRENGTHENING PROJECT OVERVIEWThis existing 9-foot diameter corrugated metal pipe (CMP) was corroding or rusting through the invert or base of the pipe. At some points, water was just beginning to undermine the culvert, forcing the township to take some action or risk affecting the roadway embankment and potentially forcing an unscheduled replacement of the […]

Geospray® Non-reinforced Concrete Sewer - Detroit, MI

WATER/WASTEWATERPROJECT OVERVIEWIn May 2016, a massive sinkhole formed underneath Tireman Avenue in Detroit, Michigan. The root of the problem was a fractured sewer line. A damaged pipe leading to a major concrete interceptor caused heavy infiltration, which in turn resulted in soil loss around the interceptor at the fractured location of the pipe. The soil […]

GeoSpray® CMP Culvert Lining - Cary, NC

WATER/WASTEWATERPROJECT OVERVIEWThe town of Cary, North Carolina, is an affluent municipality located southwest of Raleigh. The town is near the center of the Triangle region, a commuter area consisting of three major universities: Duke, UNC and NC State as well as the technology hub located in Research Triangle Park. The housing development of Preston is […]

GeoSpray® Culvert Rehabilitation - Farmington Hills, MI

WATER/WASTEWATERPROJECT OVERVIEWAs part of the 13 Mile Road rehabilitation from Haggerty Road to Halsted Road, twin parallel 78” CMP culverts were to be relined with geopolymer mortar. Each of the twin culverts are approximately 200 linear feet. The culverts are used carry the flow of Seeley Drain under 13 Mile Road immediately east of Haggerty […]

GeoSpray® Culvert Lining - Henrico, VA

WATER/WASTEWATERPROJECT OVERVIEWIn early 2013, Henrico County, Virginia, identified a 120-linear foot section of 66-inch steel culvert running under Byrdhill Road in need of structural repair. The pipe was approximately 25 feet under the road and was suffering from severe rust and corrosion that is common in metal pipes over 25 years old. While the pipe […]

Geospray® Highway Culverts and Box Culvert - Aurora, CO

WATER/WASTEWATERPROJECT OVERVIEWIn January of 2016, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT placed a project for public bid, which included the repair of several large diameter highway culverts and a single box culvert. CDOT had  specified a sprayapplied culvert lining under a special revision to Section 603 of its standard specifications. To bid, contractors were required […]

Geospray® Industrial Manhole Rehabilitaton - Garyville, LA

WATER/WASTEWATERPROJECT OVERVIEWA southeastern US oil refinery decided to evaluate the condition of its process sewer manholes at one of its refinery sites. Refinery officials discovered the leaks while conducting a routine five year inspection of the process sewer line. Inspection results revealed that many of the manholes and catch basins had begun to leach where […]

GeoSpray® Arlington National Cementary Manhole Lining - Washington D.C.

WATER/WASTEWATERPROJECT OVERVIEWThe US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) is responsible for the maintenance and operation of utilities at Arlington National Cemetery directly on the banks of the Potomac River in Arlington, VA. USACE is currently engaged in a multiyear, multi phase project to rehabilitate and upgrade the storm water system that handles water and drainage […]

Geospray® Municipal Pipe and Manhole Rehabilitation - Washington D.C.

WATER/WASTEWATERPROJECT OVERVIEWDC Water engineering had identified a route along Klingle Road in Washington, D.C., where the sewer pipe was in need of rehabilitation. Though the pipe diameter was below the threshold for standard application parameters for a spray lining, the client specified the use of a geopolymer for the manhole rehabilitation portion.The 72” (1830mm) diameter […]

Geospray® Industrial Manhole Rehabilitaton - Inman, SC

WATER/WASTEWATERPROJECT OVERVIEWThe Dewey Plant has been producing textile chemicals, colorants and other specialty compounds since 1969, and the plant has been expanded several times over that same period. The facility has a series of chemical sewers that collect and direct waste chemical solutions for treatment and processing. In 2000, the plant installed HDPE piping as […]

Geospray® RCP Sanitary Sewer Rehab - Houston, TX

WATER/WASTEWATERPROJECT OVERVIEWLike most major cities, Houston has a system of aging pipes and other infrastructure that needs to be repaired. Over the past several years, Houston has installed nearly 10,000 linear feet of GeoSpray AMS to address corroded reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) as part of its sewer infrastructure renewal program.RCP is generally vulnerable to Microbial-Induced […]

Geospray® Sanitary Sewer Interceptor and Manhole Lining - Bloomington, IL

WATER/WASTEWATERPROJECT OVERVIEWA 54” concrete sewer in Bloomington, IL, was beginning to show signs of corrosive deterioration above the flow line of the sewer. To prevent the corrosion from reaching the steel framework of the reinforced concrete pipe, the Bloomington and Normal Water Reclamation District (BNWRD) wanted a 1” maximum corrosion resistant lining installed to extend […]

Geospray® Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Cincinnati, OH

WATER/WASTEWATERPROJECT OVERVIEWDuring an assessment of its combined sewer system, the Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati (MSD) discovered that an 800-foot section of stacked stone and brick sewer line, situated in an area with active natural springs, was badly leaking. Records indicated that the old stone pipe was likely installed in phases between 1870 and […]

GeoSpray® Arched Storm Culvert Rehab - Rock Springs, WA

WATER/WASTEWATERPROJECT OVERVIEWDuring inspections of its road culverts, the city of Rock Springs discovered a corrugated metal culvert that was considered in danger of imminent failure. The 700-foot culvert in question was arched with a maximum height of 48 inches and a maximum width of 72 inches.The invert of the pipe, which was covered with dirt […]

Geospray® Storm Sewer Rehab - Orlando, FL

WATER/WASTEWATERPROJECT OVERVIEWThe Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is the owner of a storm sewer system that runs approximately 1,600 linear feet near the intersection of Florida State Hwy 50 and Country Lane in Orlando, FL. The first 1,200 linear feet of reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) had an inner diameter of 60 inches, while the remaining […]

Geospray® Storm Sewer Rehab - Santee, CA

WATER/WASTEWATERPROJECT OVERVIEWThe City of Santee is faced with the same problem as every other city and county with aging storm water infrastructure. At the busy intersection of Magnolia Avenue and Woodside Avenue, a large potential problem was looming just below the street. A 48” and a 54” storm water corrugated metal pipe that ultimately empties […]

Geospray® Storm Sewer Rehab - McAllen, TX

WATER/WASTEWATERPROJECT OVERVIEWIn the rapidly growing border town of McAllen, Texas, dealing with storm water run-off is a challenge. Ensuring storm water infrastructure can deal with large amounts of water in an area where the weather rapidly fluctuates is paramount.McAllen’s population has nearly tripled over the past two decades. Modifying storm water infrastructure to keep up […]

Geospray® Storm Sewer Rehab - Glen Eden, Auckland, New Zealand

WATER/WASTEWATERPROJECT OVERVIEWThe city of Auckland, as with many other parts of New Zealand and around the world, have utilized galvanised corrugated iron culverts as part of the drainage network. Typical installations are to enable roads and rail to costeffectively traverse creeks, streams and small rivers. The original purpose for the installation of the Kashmir Road […]

Geospray® Twin Arched CMP Culverts - City of Troy, MI

WATER/WASTEWATERPROJECT OVERVIEWThe city of Troy, MI, is located among Metropolitan Detroit’s northern suburbs in Oakland County. It currently maintains a network of over 350 miles of local, major and county roads under the jurisdiction of its Public Works department. The city has a regular inspection program for its storm culverts and bridges. During recent inspections […]

Geospray® Twin Concrete Box Culvert (8.5' x 8') - Memphis, TN

WATER/WASTEWATERPROJECT OVERVIEWIn early 2015, the City of Memphis hired Jacobs Engineering to design a rehabilitation solution for the Sears crosstown box culvert system. This inspection included the evaluation of twin 8.5’ x 8’ concrete box culverts, each a length of 500 linear  ft, that are part of the Madison Heights drainage basin. After completing an […]

Geospray® Culvert Outlet Washout Repair - Sterling Heights, MI

WATER/WASTEWATER   STRUCTURAL STRENGTHENINGPROJECT OVERVIEWWater from a drainage tile and a culvert created a deep scour hole on the face of a 3 on 1 slope in the median of M-53 between the two bridges over the Clinton River in Sterling Heights, Michigan. The nearby maintenance garage believed that water leaking from the drainage tile near […]

GeoSpray® 72" Brick Sewer Rehab - Washington D.C.

WATER/WASTEWATERPROJECT OVERVIEWDC Water’s engineering group implemented a pipe entry inspection after receiving an alert from the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) to verify the integrity of a 72” diameter brick sewer. This was located at the F Street NW block between 11th and 12th streets. DDOT had done a bore-hole inspection at a street depression, […]

GeoSpray® CMP Culvert Lining - Weldon, NC

WATER/WASTEWATERPROJECT OVERVIEWThe North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) was looking for an initial challenging project to complete in North Carolina with GeoSpray mortar. Along the banks of the Roanoke River in the city of Weldon, NC, NCDOT was faced with significant issues of culvert failure and bank erosion that were beginning to threaten private homes. […]