Introduction to GeoTree Solutions' GeoSpray Geopolymer Mortar

Repairing infrastructure with geopolymers is what GeoTree Solutions' range of products was designed to do. Corroded, pitted, damaged and misaligned pipelines, carrying both potable and non-potable water, culverts, and sewers have all been rehabilitated using our range of geopolymer mortars.

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GeoSpray Geopolymer

Ideal for the rehabilitation of large diameter pipes and structures, the GeoSpray® geopolymer system is a fiber-reinforced geopolymer mortar for rehabilitating pipes, culverts, and containment areas.

GeoSpray Geopolymer
Starting of the GeoSpray Lining.

GeoSpray 61

The GeoSpray® 61 spray-applied liner system is a high-performance, fiber-reinforced mortar specifically designed for corrosion prevention and structural enhancement of pipes in drinking, or potable water applications.

GeoSpray 61
GeoSpray 61, appropriate for drinking water applications

GeoSpray HCE

GeoSpray HCE geopolymer system is the next generation of high-performance, fiber-reinforced geopolymer mortars, specifically formulated for use in highly corrosive environments (HCE) such as sewers.

GeoSpray HCE for Geo cam page
GeoSpray HCE for corrosive environments


GeoRoc® geopolymer spray-applied liner is designed for the surface reinforcement and weathering protection of soils, rock and coal strata. It can be applied by pouring, placing, troweling or spraying.

GeoRoc application
GeoRoc - designed for the surface reinforcement and weathering protection of soils, rock and coal strata


GeoStrong™ Repair Mortar is a one-component, non-shrink, fast-setting geopolymer mortar designed for repairing horizontal, vertical and overhead concrete surfaces where high strength is desired.

GeoStrong Bridge Repair
GeoStrong Bridge Repair

GeoPlug Water-Stop

The GeoPlug® Water-Stop is a rapidly setting water infiltration patch. It is uniquely designed to quickly fill, plug and restore blemishes in host pipes during or prior to rehabilitation using other GeoTree solutions.

GeoPlug for cam page
GeoPlug water-stop - water infiltration patch

Railroad Bridge Repaired using GeoTree Geopolymer

Montana Rail Link (MRL) is a Class II regional railroad company that operates more than 900 route miles of track in Montana and Idaho. Goods shipped by Montana Rail Link include coal, industrial products, grain, intermodal and vehicles.

GeoSpray® Rehabilitates Heavily Damaged Culvert

A culvert running under a busy road needed vital repairs after it was found to be in poor condition experiencing severe corrosion with pitting, and large perforations along the pipe invert.

108" CMP Culvert Lined with GeoSpray Geopolymer

In the fall of 2019 after removal of sediment, SEMSWA (Southeast Metro Stormwater Authority) engineers carried out an assessment and identified heavy wear and abrasion to the metal of a 108-inch culvert.

CMP Culvert Lining

The town of Cary, North Carolina, is an affluent municipality located southwest of Raleigh. The town is near the center of the Triangle region, a commuter area consisting of three major universities: Duke, UNC and NC State as well as the technology hub located in Research Triangle Park.

Steel Culvert Required Structural Repair

In early 2013, Henrico County, Virginia, identified a 120-linear foot section of 66-inch steel culvert running under Byrdhill Road in need of structural repair.

Geospray® Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation

During an assessment of its combined sewer system, the Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati discovered that an 800-foot section of stacked stone and brick sewer line, situated in an area with active natural springs, was badly leaking.

Rehabilitation of Reinforced Concrete Pipe

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is the owner of a storm sewer system that runs approximately 1,600 linear feet near the intersection of Florida State Hwy 50 and Country Lane in Orlando, FL.

72" Brick Sewer Rehabilitated with GeoSpray

DC Water’s engineering group implemented a pipe entry inspection after receiving an alert from the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) to verify the integrity of a 72” diameter brick sewer.