Pipeline & Distribution

ClockSpring|NRI introduced the industry to composite technology for pipeline and transmission line repairs and continues to raise the bar for performance. Initially, we applied our technology as a crack arrestor on high-pressure pressure CO2 lines, enriched natural gas pipelines, and other transmission lines that are susceptible to long-running cracks. Based on the success of this…



CSNRI’s engineered composite solutions protect assets during installation, cut construction time, and reduce future maintenance costs on roads at river railroad crossings and in downhole applications. Our products are field-proven for centering pipe in casings, supporting pipe in areas where there is metal-to-metal contact or atmospheric corrosion, and protecting field joints and mainline coatings during…


Structural Strengthening

GeoTree offers the most advanced composite solutions for private, municipal, state, and federal infrastructure assets. Proven through rigorous testing to be stronger than concrete, GeoTree has become the industry expert for industrial and civil repair and reinforcement solutions. Our products can be used to repair and reinforce industrial facilities, buildings, transportation infrastructure, seismic retrofitting, waterfront…


Water Utility & Wastewater

ClockSpring|NRI offers a range of products and services designed specifically to meet the needs of the Water Utility & Wastewater industries.CSNRI offers the industry’s most complete suite of composite repair solutions for restoring and maintaining water pipelines, enabling safe, reliable operations in compliance with state and federal regulations.AVT’s inline insertion valve, the EZ Valve, uses…


Building Rehabilitation & Structural Strengthening

Fyfe®’s Tyfo® FRP Systems have proven themselves to be ideal for the structural strengthening of reinforced concrete, reinforced and unreinforced masonry buildings. However, there are unique applications that have been developed for both wood and steel structural elements. Tyfo strengthens columns, walls, beams, diaphragms and connections.

Fyfe Tyfo structural Strengthening
Bridges & Transportation

Initially developed for seismic strengthening of bridge columns, the Tyfo Systems have since been used to strengthen and protect columns, piles, piers, beams, AASHTO girders, box girders, bent caps, pile or pier caps and bridge decks across the world. Our systems have undergone rigorous structural and durability testing to gain acceptance by transportation departments and ministeries world-wide.

Fyfe Tyfo Bridge Strengthening
Pipelines, Water & Wastewater

When a large-diameter pre-stressed concrete cylinder pipe (PCCP, ECP), reinforced concrete pipe (RCP), steel pipe, ductile iron, cast iron, wrought iron, FRP, or other types of pipe suffer from corrosion or another form of decay, they can experience significant structural loss. The Tyfo System strengthens structurally deficient pipes and enables them to accommodate all internal loads and all external loads.

Fyfe Tyfo Pipe Strengthening
Waterfront & Marine Structures

The corrosive nature of marine environments can severely damage waterfront structures, destroy their aesthetics, and render them unable to support the loads they were designed to carry.  Fyfe is a leader in rehabilitating and preserving existing reinforced concrete, wood, and steel structural elements that are periodically or permanently submerged in water using Tyfo Systems.

Fyfe Tyfo Pier Strengtheningf
Silos, Stacks & Chimneys

This infrastructure can often be found in harsh environments such as near the ocean and can be subjected to high levels of damaging chemicals. Silos must also withstand high-pressure variants as they are filled and emptied - this pressure can cause structural weakening. Fyfe's Tyfo range of products has proven itself to offer second-to-none structural strengthening properties to silos, stacks and chimneys around the world. 

Fyfe Tyfo Chimney strengthening
Industrial Facilities & Power Generation

The Tyfo System is ideal for strengthening industrial structures and tanks as it can easily be installed around existing equipment and instrumentation. Its ease of constructability can be achieved in extreme working conditions with industrial processes remaining operational significantly reducing repairs during shutdown and turnaround periods.

Fyfe System Projects and Case studies

Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority

The Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority required the repair of the existing Robert F. Kennedy Bridge concrete super structure due to concrete spalling and deterioration.

5959 Century Blvd Repairing Old Foundations

5959 W. Century Blvd, a 13-story non-ductile concrete building originally built in 1966, underwent conversion into a dual-branded select service hotel with rooftop amenities including a swimming pool. As part of the conversion, a full seismic retrofit is performed that includes adding new concrete shear walls and foundations and wrapping the interior columns with fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP).

Palomar College Parking Structure Seismic Rehab

STRUCTURAL STRENGTHENING, TYFO® SYSTEMOVERVIEWFyfe Company was successful in designing the carbon fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP) materials for a comprehensive seismic rehabilitation of an existing parking structure. The Palomar Community College District procured a property to expand its campus and quickly initiated design activities due to a proposed change in occupancy from commercial office building to an…

Northwest Doors Shear Transfer

Northwest Doors purchased two adjoining buildings within the same commercial building complex that did not have direct access to one another. The buildings were divided by existing precasted tilt-up panels. To gain access between buildings, two 20-ft. by 21-ft. openings were formed. By creating these openings, panel to slab steel connections were lost, causing a deficiency in in-plane sliding shear capacity.

Laguardia Delta Terminal

The redesign of the arrivals deck at Delta Airlines Terminal C required an upgrade to the loading of the beams and girders.

BYU Hawaii Student Housing Phase 1B

Brigham Young University’s Hawaii campus began construction in 2012 for its major expansion of the North Shore campus as it prepares to double its enrollment to about 5,000 students. The new renovation included modifications to 11 buildings, including two existing dormitories.

Allstate Tower Wrap Repairing Old Foundations

As part of a rehabilitation of a series of utility towers, the structural engineer recommended repairs to the foundations. The concrete footing needed to be excavated, repaired and backfilled. Morris and Ritchie Engineers called for a Tyfo® fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) system to wrap the concrete after it was repaired.

500 Airport Structural And Seismic Office Building Upgrades

500 Airport is an office building owned and operated by one of the country’s most high-tech manufacturers of government contracting software. The building consists of four stories and 45 individual offices along with a fully operational kitchen and a covered parking structure.

Highway 616 Over Highway 2 FRP Repair

The Fyfe® design was based on replacing the equivalent tensile capacities of the damaged FRP system as well as adding additional strength to areas that were unreinforced in the original retrofit. Without the need for heavy equipment, the highway could stay functional by only blocking off a single lane at a time to perform the extensive clean up of fire damaged material and soot that covered most of the structure.

Greenway Bridge End Rehabilitation

WIDOT required shear reinforcement for a bridge in Monroe, Wisconsin. The bridge has been in service for many years and required concrete repairs and fiber reinforcement to supplement the loss in reinforcement steel.

California Bridge Column Shear Enhancement

Three Caltrans-owned bridge overpasses in central California were found to have columns deficient in shear capacity. As an innovative alternate to steel jacketing, the prequalified Tyfo® system pioneered the use of fiber reinforced polymers for wrapping bridge columns since the late 1980s.

Arkansas I-440 Bridge Rehabilitation

The Arkansas I-440 bridge spanning the Arkansas River was experiencing repeated cracking throughout several concrete piers. Traditional repair methods often involve short-term crack injections that require additional maintenance in the near future, leading to substantial additional costs in the following years.

Intermountain Power Plant

Intermountain Power (IMP) has been a user of carbon fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP) for strengthening of their circulating cooling water systems (CW) for over 10 years.

Beacon Street Pipeline Rehabilitation

In 1870, a new 48-inch cast iron water main was installed in the Brookline area of Boston to provide additional potable water supply to residents. Almost 150 years later, this pipeline today now supplies over 21 million gallons (or approximately 15 percent of the total daily water supply) per day to the region. In 2000, the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) performed maintenance on the pipeline and relined it with a non-structural cement mortar lining.

66-Inch I-25 Steel Pipeline Rehabilitation

PIPELINE REHABILITATION, TYFO® SYSTEMOVERVIEWDenver Water experienced a catastrophic failure in February 2008 when a section of a 66-inch steel pipeline that conveys water to the northern part of the City failed under I-25 due to a sudden surge from a pump failure. To put the line quickly back into service and rebuild the roadway, Denver…

A120-Inch Dominion Pipe Rehabilitation

The Tyfo® system was used as a liner to provide corrosion protection and nominal hoop tension strength on a 120-inch diameter steel pipe at a nuclear power plant in Yorktown, Virginia.
The 120-inch diameter steel pipe at this power plant was severely rusted due to the surrounding corrosive environment. A repair solution was needed that could not only withstand the harsh environment but could also be installed with minimal shut down time at the plant.

Large Diameter PCCP Rehabilitation

Fibrwrap Construction was selected to perform the rehabilitation work. The scope of work included strengthening nine (10) segments of PCCP, including conducting the required surface preparation, end detailing, fiber installation, finish coat installation and all the required quality control measures. Both the return and supply cooling water lines had segments which required structural strengthening. The access limitations only allowed for man entry and ventilation on each end of a the two 1,200-ft long segments of pipe.

Intermountain Power Plant

Intermountain Power (IMP) has been a user of carbon fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP) for strengthening of their circulating cooling water systems (CW) for over 10 years.

Prilling Tower Repairing Deteriorated Concrete Towers

The salty air from the nearby ocean combined with the aggressive environment at this industrial plant served to severely corrode the reinforcing steel in both of the 85-foot diameter & 270-foot tall prilling towers built in Mexico, 1980.

Prilling Tower Repairing Deteriorated Concrete Towers

The salty air from the nearby ocean combined with the aggressive environment at this industrial plant served to severely corrode the reinforcing steel in both of the 85-foot diameter & 270-foot tall prilling towers built in Mexico, 1980.

Fort Mason Municipal Pier Strengthening

A United States Army post for more than 100 years, Fort Mason is now a National Historic Landmark and part of the Golden Gate National Recreation area in San Francisco. The marine environment had corroded the concrete pier serving the area, with the rebar on the underside of the deck suffering from corrosion. Approximately 250 4-foot diameter cassions were found to be in need of additional confinement and shear strength to resist anticipated seismic loads.